I had one very specific goal when I first got to Hawaii. I needed to find someone to train with. A purple belt at the time and just coming back from an ACL surgery, I met Egan. We trained, and immediately, I knew I had not only found what I was looking for but also a coach. With all my injuries, he taught me how to relax and still train as hard and intense as I wanted while still keeping my body safe. He took everything I had previously learned and improved on it with his knowledge and style BJJ. I know it sounds normal or what a coach is supposed to do, but it’s just not that simple. It’s very difficult for an instructor taking a student who has been training for several years and continue forward on that same path without insisting the student start fresh. He improved my game. He taught me a lot on and off the mat. He’s a true friend and one of the most insane athletes I’ve ever met. I have been training BJJ for over 15 years and I had two goals. 1. to receive my black belt and keep training. 2. To be able to pass Egan’s guard. I think something like 1 in 100 people taking BJJ will ever end up getting a black belt. Between the two goals I’ve set for myself the latter seems way less probable.

Scott Caan
Actor, BJJ Black Belt, Detective Danny Williams on Hawaii Five-O