Becoming Relentless

What does it take to become relentless?

What kind of mindset is needed to succeed in every goal you set and every challenge you face?

Egan Inoue can answer those questions. After winning eleven world titles in three different sports-racquetball, Brazilian jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts, he knows there is now challenge you can’t overcome.

Now Egan shares his lifetime of experiences and the secrets to his indomitable spirit in his new book Becoming Relentless.

In these pages, not only will you read stories of perseverance, amazing courage, and how Egan succeeded against intimidating opponents, but you’ll discover what it tikes to become the champion of your own life.

Learn how to develop a relentless mindset by:

– Setting goals, surpassing them and setting new ones
– Developing a plan and managing your time to accomplish more
– Turning your failures into future opportunities
– Walking the line between cockiness and confidence
– Developing mental toughness when faced with challenges
– Protecting yourself from time wasters
– Having integrity in all you say and do
– Being true to yourself and your dreams